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                   Updated 23rd September 2023

Eccleshall Guide

25 Wheelwright Drive, Eccleshall, Staffs, ST21 LB
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Eccleshall Platinum


About The Guide


The Eccleshall Guide website hopes to include all businesses and organisations that serve the community of Eccleshall.

They are listed alphabetically by description and by the name of the organisation. To find our pharmacy look under P also under Eccleshall Pharmacy.

A number of organisations include Eccleshall in their name so they may be listed under E and under the description of their organisation or business.

This website is a companion Guide to the printed version which is published each year and distributed door to door in January.

If you missed being included in the printed Guide we can easily include you in the website for a modest cost.

The 2024 Edition
of the Eccleshall Guide

Each year work on the Guide begins in September.  The cost of advertising space makes it by far the best method of advertising your business, club or organisation in this area.

The 26th edition of the Guide will be printed by our friends at Creative Copy n Colour on the Raleigh Hall Industrial Estate in Eccleshall

01785 850193 email:

For more information about the Guide in both formats

Contact Peter Jones on
01785 851381 or email
with your information.

The Little George

The Royal Oak

Even a Teddy Bear
enjoys The Guide

Croxton Church

Katharine House
Hospice Shop

Peter Jones is the Editor and Publisher of both the online version and the printed version of the Eccleshall Guide. He has been responsible for all 26 editions of the printed guide.

He is a Stafford Borough Councillor, member and longest serving member of the Eccleshall Parish Council


The Guide, both printed and online hopes to include every Eccleshall business and organisation and any businesses or organisations which serves the people of Eccleshall.

If this list includes you then why not get in touch to ensure that you are included in the next printed edition and online as soon as possible?

The 2023 edition of the printed Guide will be available from the library and the arcade and will be delivered door to door in December 2023 / January 2024.
It is the 26th issue of the Guide made possible by the advertisers and our friends at Creative Copy n Colour at Raleigh Hall.

Don't be missing from the 26th edition of the Guide!


Businesses and organisations are listed alphabetically under the name and the type of business or organisation.

We are updating the online edition of the Guide as and when necessary.

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